Optimisation of transport costs

Typically an optimisation project looking at an organisations transport processes and agreements would take 12-16 weeks depensing on the size and scale of the organisation and its transport activities.

Once we have agreed on the project objectives and time scale TransportRådgiverne will initiate and takre full responcibility of the process.

Our client can of course choose the level to which they wish to participate in the process, either working closely with us during the process or less less so but being update with regular updates and progress reports.

Optimisation of transport Costs

Your Time and Resources

Initially we usually require half a day with management, decision makers and transport & logistics personnel to discuss, learn and understand your current set up and organisation. We would aim to set out project objetives as well and outline time scale, expectations and guidelines.

We strive to give our clients an individual service which is unique to that particular client and totally focused at their specific need and requirements. Therefore the level of time and resourced required by you is very different depending on what you want the project to acheive.

Our expertise and knowledge will cater for low lovel involvement or closely integrated intensive cooperation – either way we will bring real measurable results to your organisation which will be a significant return on your investment both in terms of time and cost.