About Us

Who are we?

CEO Peter Berg founded TransportRådgiverne a winter’s day in 2012. Location of the headquarter is in Hørsholm (north of Copenhagen), we provide services for customers in all of Scandinavia and consist of a team of thirteen dedicated consultants. Together we have more than 400 years of experience within all corners of the transport industry. That is why we provide the optimal route to improved competitiveness.

We provide Danish and Scandinavian companies that procure transport & logistical services with the aim of consulting and advising them on performance enhancing measures such as cost, effciency and service levels.

We successfully advise our clients in 5 key functions:

  • General transport and logistics optimisation
  • Transport cost savings and effciency gains
  • Outsourcing of warehousing and handling
  • Optimising performance levels
  • Operational effciency and process analysis
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