How do we do it?

As an external consulting team, we have expertise, experience and opportunities that allow us to work based on three different values each contributing in strengthening your business:

Professional dynamic

As we are constantly developing and maintaining several solutions, we possess a complete overview of the market. This results in you having a partner with the deep knowledge of commercial contractual terms and know the values of each carrier in the market. Furthermore, our different competencies will cover you all around. No matter if it is road, sea or air.

100 % responsibility

To us, responsibility is to achieve win-win contractual terms, which benefit both you and the carrier. This because the path to increased competitiveness is never to pressure prices in a way that makes compromises on the quality an issue. Responsibility is also to guarantee value for our efforts. We achieve this by applying no-cure- no-pay agreements, in which we face a project ambitiously, ensures the quality, follow up on the project and give our guarantees, in the full period, for the contract signed.

Worth trusting

You can expect full transparency in all phases of the project. What other parties overlook, we do not hold back. We handle challenges proactively and work in full confidentiality. You will experience us meeting you with comprehension for your firm and with respect for all – from executives to employees. We do not take away the project, but work with you to achieve an optimal, simple and implementable solution.