Cost reduction and better terms and conditions

Our main objective is to reduce costs and gain better terms and conditions for our clients. In almost all cases we are able to achieve significant savings by reducing the overall cost associated with transport and Logistics. Initially we analyse the potential for improvement.
We search the market place for the most suitable providers and then filter down the best candidates in a tendering process. We then negotiate binding contracts that normally last minimum 12 months.

Contract for this kind of duration enable transport companies and hauliers to offer better rates as they can plan and streamline their organisation over a fixed period.

TransportRådgiverne will lead the project from start to finish. In the case of a tendering process our involvement will typically be:

  • Analysis of data and statistics provided by our client
  • Criteria and conditions of the tendering process
  • Identify suitable service providers that meet the criteria of the tendering processAnalysis and evaluation of each tender / bid
  • Final negotiations with transport companies that have submitted successful bids
  • Drafting of contract and finalise terms & conditions
  • Implementation