“We initiated a collaboration with TransportRådgiverne A/S to create a clear structure on our transport

At the end of the project, we received competitive freight prices and most importantly – structure and
overview in connection to transparency regarding our transport agreements. We also obtained specific
and efficient regulation models, for us having the tools for future negotiations concerning freight
agreements. During the process the communication was good, and we were continuously informed.

We can without a doubt recommend TransportRådgiverne.”

Klaus Nørholm Jørgensen – CEO – Nordic Woodfibre A/S – DK-4652 Hårlev

Morten Nordskov – Head of Procurement, DK – Berendsen Textil Service A/S – DK-2860 Søborg

“Morsø Jernstøberi A/S has cooperated with TransportRådgiverne A/S on the task of analyzing and optimizing the company’s sea freight, road and air freight transports. TransportRådgiverne is very professional and work with a historically proven process for analyzing and optimizing of companies transport setup.

The process meets requirements from both a quality and economically viewpoint. It is clear, that TransportRådgiverne has good relationships with suppliers in the transport industry. In effect this leads to a tender process and negotiations where all parties are respectful of each other. In the final stage, when future carriers are chosen, the choice are based on nuanced inputs from TransportRådgiverne without any demands or requirements for Morsø’s choice of future supplier.

It has been very positive to experience the support and follow-up, also after the project ended. TransportRådgiverne are true to their word and responsibility.It has in all aspects been a pleasure to cooperate with TransportRådgiverne. Morsø has ended up with significant savings and an increased competitiveness.”

Peter Grand – COO – Morsø Jernstøberi A/S – DK-7900 Nykøbing Mors

“Granzow A/S teamed up with TransportRådgiverne A/S in order to review existing transport agreements, perform general optimization and getting us updated on recent developements in the transport sector.

Cooperation began and TransportRådgiverne analyzed all historical shipments for the purpose of issuing the transport tender. The tender was sent to several carriers, where after the incoming offers were carefully handled and analyzed by TransportRådgiverne. The result was presented to us with recommendation to the choice of carrier.

It has been very constructive and a great pleasure to work with TransportRådgiverne, who handled the process very professionally and competently. We achieved positive savings on both our inland and international transports, which is extremely satisfactory.

Based on our experience, we can recommend TransportRådgiverne for similar tasks.”

Evan Andersen – Purchaser – Granzow A/S – DK-2600 Glostrup

“We decided to cooperate with TransportRådgiverne A/S in connection with optimization on our freight routes to national customers. In this connection, TransportRådgiverne analyzed our existing freight pattern, including amendments and improvements.
The result was improved logistics and an improved economy in our outgoing freight.
I can only recommend TransportRådgiverne as a business partner.

Mogens B. Olesen – Adm. direktør – EUROPART Danmark A/S – DK-6000 Kolding

“We were contacted by TransportRådgiverne A/S while an ongoing expansion of our company with several brands and a relocation of parts of our warehouse was happening. Our thought was that, if nothing else, we could use TransportRådgiverne to help us get a better overview of all our logistics solutions.We got that, but we also got a good and professionally skilled consultant, with whom we had an open and honest dialogue with. It was not the typical “super sales man” speech that we received, but a good sparring about the possibilities.

TransportRådgiverne collected good offers, where we in close collaboration did not choose the cheapest solution, but hopefully the best. We changed logistics partner in the spring 2018, and TransportRådgiverne was and still is a good business partner. After the start-up with our new business partner, there has been some questions about prices etc. – also here TransportRådgiverne has been available with help and professional advice.”

Jan Landsgrav Kristensen – Administrerende Direktør – Fritidsagenten A/S – DK-3500 Værløse

“We were contacted by TransportRådgiverne A/S and presented their business model to us. In a small organization like us, it was perfect with an analysis in collaboration with TransportRådgiverne. We received a thorough analysis of our existing costs, which led to a solid basis for negotiation and resulted in a significant saving of approximately 19% in freight costs and a reduction in the number of carriers. The whole process was easy and professional. We are very pleased with the cooperation with TransportRådgiverne.”

Per-Arne Carlsson – Purchase Manager – Componenta Främmestad AB – SE-465 97 Nossebro

“TransportRådgiverne A/S does not only visualize the savings, which are obtained by better prices on existing logistics set-up, but is also an active advisor and sparring partner around the overall logistics set-up. Throughout the process, TransportRådgiverne appears as an active partner and highly professional adviser, who takes a critical view on the task in a constructive way and ensures, that the customer reaches 110% in target. This contributes to a holistic solution that is significantly more durable on the long run.”

Martin Even Schwalbe – Head Finance and HR – SIKA DANMARK A/S – DK-3520 Farum
“HBN-Teknik A/S initiated a collaboration with TransportRådgiverne A/S to streamline and optimize on our total freight requirements. Furthermore, we wanted a professional opinion on how to optimize our daily handling and workflow in terms of transport and logistics.
Already early in the process, we realized that we didn’t have the sufficient resources internally to initiate the process on our own. TransportRådgiverne has been both professional and efficient through the whole process. TransportRådgiverne possesses a thorough knowledge of all aspects within the transport industry, which has benefited and brought great value to our business.The project gave us an improved structure in the daily processes and a very high degree of transparency regarding our freight contracts. These effects have directly freed up resources within our organization. Furthermore, the project gave significant savings without compromising the quality from our carriers.We are very satisfied with TransportRådgiverne and are happy to give our recommendation to other firms planning to improve efficiency within their transportation set-up.” 

Peter Jørgensen – Production Manager – HBN-Teknik A/S – DK-4100 Ringsted

“In late 2016, Baden-Jensen A/S wanted a thorough investigation of our freight contracts for our departments in Ballerup and Kolding. We were interested in whether we were located correctly when taking cooperation, on time delivery and the price into account. We hired TransportRådgiverne A/S for this job.

TransportRådgiverne solved this task in a professional manner, and it turned out that we advantageously could continue with our current carrier while at the same time getting an optimized freight contract. This outcome was without a doubt caused by the approach of TransportRådgiverne.

We are very satisfied with the work TransportRådgiverne has performed and are happy to send our recommendations to other companies wishing to optimize their freight contracts.


Henrik Lund – Head of Internal Sales and Warehousing – Baden-Jensen A/S – DK-6000 Kolding

   ”At CM Supply we have had the pleasure of collaborating with TransportRådgiverne A/S over a span of 2 months.
They thoroughly analyzed all our shipments, made a tender, acquired offers from all relevant carriers and finally compared pros and cons for each carrier. We were presented all offers and a recommendation from TransportRådgiverne. Thereafter we could freely decide which carrier we wanted to proceed with. We achieved significant cost savings and are very satisfied.
We were aware of TransportRådgiverne through a recommendation from another customer, who has been benefiting from their services. We will gladly recommend the services to other companies, who haven’t had the pleasure of TransportRådgiverne.”

Danny Skaaning –  CEO – CM Supply Aps – DK-2625 Vallensbæk

“Freight make up a significant cost item for Damolin. Therefore, in the end of 2016, we ran tender for our international freight forwarding agreements. We chose TransportRådgiverne A/S to manage the process.”The process was professionally managed with respect for both the carriers and the quality demands of Damolin. We have achieved a solution with satisfying cost savings while maintaining the same level of quality in our shipments to our customers.

Søren Klitskov – CEO – Damolin A/S – DK-7884 Fur


“In our efforts to reduce costs in the value chain, we have carried through a tender process in all parts of warehousing and logistics together with TransportRådgiverne A/S. TransportRådgiverne drove the process and ensured that all the goals we set up were achieved. The process was driven with great professionalism and dedication, without compromising our ambitions in terms of efficiency, flexibility and individual needs and our respect for existing business partners. We have succeeded in reducing our total warehousing and logistics costs significantly, and, furthermore, the daily processes have been clarified, which has increased focus on how value is created. We highly recommend TransportRådgiverne and look forward to working with them again on future projects”.

Kim Rolsted – COO – Noa Noa ApS – DK-3490 Kvistgård


 ”In connection with the review and renewal of our external warehousing and distribution agreement, we chose to involve TransportRådgiverne A/S in the project in the expectation that in doing so we would get a deeper analysis than we ourselves would be able to perform. This turned out to be the right decision, as together with TransportRådgiverne we found a solution that provided the desired savings within the specified framework. The entire tender process was managed effectively by TransportRådgiverne, and it is our impression that the result was better than what we ourselves could have achieved. TransportRådgiverne have been involved from start to finish – and even after the agreement was made, to make sure that the savings are in fact achieved. We are fully satisfied with our cooperation with TransportRådgiverne.”

Michael Bøgeskov – Purchasing Manager – DK-4700 Næstved

danalim[1]  “Dana Lim has made a transportation tender covering both national and international transports. We chose TransportRådgiverne A/S to stand for the process. TransportRådgiverne has in all areas met our expectations. The process was carried out very professionally, with respect for Dana Lim’s individual needs, and with satisfactory results. Without TransportRådgiverne we would not have been able to achieve the same performance and economic gains.”

Jørgen Bækgaard – CFO – Dana Lim A/S – DK-4600 Køge
content_credin-pantone[1]  “In cooperation with TransportRådgiverne A/S we have conducted an analysis of the potential of changing delivery terms from DAP to EXW. The analysis was conducted with selected suppliers and subsequently we made a transport tender.
Throughout the process, TransportRådgiverne had a professional approach to us, and we have felt a keen understanding of the real “speed” in the process as our administrative changes as a result of the analysis and tender. Both the process and the result has been satisfactory for us.”
Henning Limborg – Director of Customer Service & Logistics – Credin BageriPartner A/S – DK-7100 Vejle

 “RMIG A/S has carried out a project process in collaboration with TransportRådgiverne A/S with the aim of identifying and reducing transport costs without compromising on quality or punctuality. With production/sales units in nine European countries and a freight mix consisting of domestic, intercompany and export, freight contracts were previously handled and negotiated locally, each individual country believing to have optimal contracts. But TransportRådgiverne has maintained all along to be able to secure a significant reduction in freight charges, and we have learned that they were right. TransportRådgiverne has been a competent partner through the entire process, contributing with value-adding results. Our participation has been a healthy step and we’re already planning the next project process together with TransportRådgiverne.” 

Henrik Salée – Group Director Operations, COO – RMIG A/S – DK-2750 Ballerup


 “Transport costs constitute an essential part of our overall cost budget and thus an important competitive factor. In it we have relatively many providers of transport, we chose to work with TransportRådgiverne A/S to conduct a thorough analysis in order to find the economically optimal solution without having had to go beyond quality. TransportRådgiverne has been a strong partner, and they have been able to present us with value-added solutions, which we will implement. The key words for our cooperation has been: commitment, punctuality and speed.”

Ole Juul Kirkeby – Country Manager  DLH Danmark A/S – DK-6000 Kolding


 “In an attempt to optimize cooperation agreements in transport and logistics TransportRådgiverne A/S has been a capable and competent partner. Throughout the entire process, they kept all the balls in the air and with their knowledge of the industry has managed to enter into new and clearly better deals than we had previously. All companies – who do not have resources to it – should go through a similar process – it was healthy.”

Claus Qvortrup – Sales Manager – Popz Danmark ApS – DK-4200 Slagelse


 “In connection with an upcoming global transport contract review, Xellia chose TransportRådgiverne A/S as preferred advisors. During this process TransportRådgiverne provided us with advice, which could be directly converted into immediate benefit for Xellia’s subsequent negotiations with global contractors. Xellia and TransportRådgiverne worked well together and TransportRådgiverne has been very professional throughout the project. Their timing for finalizing the assignment was perfect which was essential considering the impending negotiations.”

Allan Jensen –Director, Corporate Purchasing & Contract Manufacturing – Xellia Pharmaceuticals ApS – DK-2300 Copenhagen S


 “We required the services of TransportRådgiverne A/S to help us with a transport tender for our import from  Poland. During the project we found TransportRådgiverne to be highly efficient consultants. Subsequently the final outcome was very effective and a significant benefit to our company.”

Bjarne Kildegaard – Head of the Logistics dept. – KWHPipe (Danmark) AS – DK-4520 Svinninge


 “TransportRådgiverne A/S has assisted us with the optimization of our local 3PL warehouse operation. In SCA we have our own internal international logistics organisation; however TransportRådgiverne contributed greatly with their local knowledge of the market. They quickly proved themselves as competent cooperation partners. This saved us a lot of time, and the results of our partnership were significant. We have succeeded in finding the right logistic partner for external logistic operation. In addition we have now also integrated TransportRådgiverne to look at various logistics issues, and again each time we got a very professional input. This has enabled us to make decisions and implement change quickly and efficiently. This has saved us a lot of time and given us a far better basis for decision-making.”

Ida Emus – Head of the Sales and Service Department Incontinence Care – SCA Hygiene Products A/S – DK-3450 Allerød


 “We’ve used TransportRådgiverne A/S for a concrete optimization job. The process itself was handled with professionalism. We expect to achieve a saving which easily justifies the project. We hereby recommend TransportRådgiverne.”

Svend Rimestad – Managing Direktor, BJØRN THORSEN A/S, 2900 Hellerup.


 ”Sika Danmark has made use of TransportRådgiverne A/S in order to optimise existing transport setup and to carry out a transport tender. The following keywords well describe TransportRådgiverne throughout the cooperation with Sika Danmark: High professional level of competence, thorough knowledge of the industry, persistence and efficiency. TransportRådgiverne has managed to secure Sika Danmark good savings on the transport area.”

Morten N. Nielsen – Head of Operations – Sika Danmark A/S – DK-3480 Fredensborg


 ”We have worked with TransportRådgiverne A/S in order to revise our transport agreements. We have achieved substantial financial improvements of agreements without in any way compromising our demands for transport quality, etc. The improvements add to Ulstrup Plast’s competitiveness and have in practise already positively affected our ability to win new orders. Ulstrup Plast has to a high degree gained added value from working with TransportRådgiverne, among others due to TransportRådgiverne’s thorough knowledge of the transport market in addition to us having benefitted from their experience and routines in connection with tender processes, etc.”

Søren Ulstrup – Managing Director Ulstrup Plast A/S – DK-3540 Lynge


 ”Our cooperation with TransportRådgiverne A/S has been inspiring as well as beneficial for the company. Throughout the entire process, TransportRådgiverne has worked professionally with consideration of our own core values such as trust, quality and understanding which has provided us with a competitive result – qualitative as well as financially.”

Hanne Zink Jørgensen – COO & Partner – Scandinavian Packaging A/S – DK-4140 Borup


 “In our efforts to reduce our transport overheads without compromising quality, TransportRådgiverne A/S has been an outstanding partner. Their indepth knowledge and know how combined with attention to detail has produced excellent results. They participated in every stage of the project from initial analysis to negotiations and finally signing new agreements. We highly recommend TransportRådgiverne and will be looking for their expert advice again when a similar project materializes.”

Mikael Henryson – CEO – Megamet AB – SE-262 73 Ängelholm


 “TransportRådgiverne A/S share the same values as Cryptera namely that they are trustworthy, very professional and with total focus on getting the project completed in record time. It has been a very positive experience and a real case of team play between our two organisations. Cryptera is very satisfied with the services that TransportRådgiverne have provided and the subsequent results”.

Kim Pedersen – Purchasing Manager – Cryptera A/S – DK-2600 Glostrup


 “KåKå AB has together with TransportRådgiverne A/S completed a transport analysis for the total volume to/from Denmark, not only with focus on price, which is normal, but focusing on innovation including new solutions increasing the quality, reducing environmental impact and subsequently affects the price in a positive direction. Commitment was fantastic, like cooperation and result. Working method involving both theory and practice with physical presence at all suppliers gave a clear picture of the product flow, making decision and final choice easy to us, and above all, everything worked from day one. Summary, this means that we will also choose TransportRådgiverne for our future projects.”

Toni Nilsson – Logistics Director – KåKå AB(Orkla Group) – SE-23422 Lomma


 ”In cooperation with TransportRådgiverne A/S, Beck & Jørgensen A/S completed an analysis of our distribution in order to optimize shipping both domestically and internationally without impairing our service to our customers. The subsequent bidding round (transport tender) resulted in an agreement, which was significantly better in all ways than our previous agreements. Throughout the entire process, TransportRådgiverne has provided professional, honest and reliable consulting.”

Bruno Kiehn – CFO – Beck & Jørgensen A/S – DK-2860 Søborg



 “Throughout our co-operation TransportRådgiverne A/S has carried out its work in a targeted and timely manner. The result was a decent cost reduction and the quality and performance has been maintained even though we have changed carrier. We will recommend TransportRådgiverne even if there is satisfaction with the existing co-operation since it pays off in the long run. At first we worked with our international transports – subsequently we have now asked TransportRådgiverne to analyze and optimize our national transports.” 

Johannes Ritz – Site manager – DAFA A/S – DK-8220 Brabrand


 “Alsiano A/S and its subsidiary Kryta A/S entered into cooperation with TransportRådgiverne A/S on the optimization of our transport costs. Despite the fact that we had already succeeded in negotiating a large one-digit percentage saving on our own, TransportRådgiverne managed to secure a further two-digit saving – without compromising the quality of our services. TransportRådgiverne is a very professional partner, and we worked with them on defining which parameters should apply to the tender, which ensured us the right price as well as the right quality. We highly recommend TransportRådgiverne and will work with them again on future projects”.

Jens Hummeluhr – CEO – Alsiano A/S – DK-3460 Birkerød.


 ”Bong International AB, Europe’s leading company within envelopes and packaging solutions, has been into a cooperation with TransportRådgiverne A/S. The assignment consisted of a total review of our Scandinavian freights and logistical flows between our production units as well as the distribution to our customers. In spite of an already performed exercise just a few years ago, with assistance from another company, the contribution from TransportRådgiverne resulted in great cost reductions primarily on the freight costs. This was achieved without sacrificing the quality. Rather it led to an improvement of the service level to our customers. One of the reasons was a more uniform and standardized distribution. We give TransportRådgiverne our best recommendations.”

Peter Andersson – Director Purchase & Logistics – Bong International AB – SE-211 20 Malmö


 “We contacted TransportRådgiverne A/S and asked them to make an analysis of our transport costs and logistics structure. Following a tightly controlled process, our logistics structure is now much clearer, and our costs have been reduced to a competitive level. During the process, TransportRådgiverne showed us solutions and ideas that have turned out to be to our advantage. As a result, we have had to make some changes, but after thorough implementation we can only say that we are extremely satisfied with the results achieved.”

Niels-Erik Konste – CEO – Trox Danmark A/S – DK-2970 Hørsholm


“M-Comp A/S hired TransportRådgiverne A/S in relation to an optimization of our logistic system and freight costs. TransportRådgiverne prepared the tender and chose all qualified carriers. We chose a candidate and TransportRådgiverne helped making implementation of the new carrier a smooth process. The project was completed in 4 months and we saved 25% of our annual freight budget. We are very satisfied with both the project and the subsequent follow-up.”

 Lars Nordberg-Hansen – CEO – M-Comp A/S – DK-8722 Hedensted


 Gyproc A/S, Hareskovvej 12, DK-4400 Kalundborg

Catrin Scheumann – Supply Chain Manager – Direct phone: +45 5957 0360 – catrin.scheumann@saint-gobain.com


 Toms Gruppen A/S, Toms Alle 1, 2750 Ballerup

Ida Wandall Andreasen – Planlægnings- og logistikchef – Direct phone: +45 4489 1073 – iwa@tomsgroup.com


 Hempel A/S, Lundtoftegårdsvej 91, 2800 Lyngby

Jesper Chr. Halse – Nordic Logistic Manager – Direct phone: +45 4527 3423 – jeha@hempel.com


 “In cooperation with TransportRådgiverne A/S, we achieved very significant reductions in our transport expenses. TransportRådgiverne provided fine end-to-end service and a long haul, which was of great benefit to our Company”.

Paul Wiberg-Jørgensen – Director Production & Logistics – DK-3400 Hillerød



 “I used TransportRådgiverne A/S in connection with a major import transport tender for the five companies in our group. My view of the cooperation has been very positive, and all deadlines were met.

Last but most importantly, I was not at any time urged to use specific suppliers or to choose the lowest price. The choice of supplier was entirely mine. The overall result was a neat saving and a higher level of service from the selected suppliers.”

Henrik Dvoracek – Supply Chain Manager –  DK-2750 Ballerup


”Scandza A/S has been cooperating with TransportRådgiverne A/S on the streamlining and optimization of our national and international transportation requirements in the Scandinavian countries where we operate, as well as on major international import traffics.

TransportRådgiverne carried out tender processes and implemented agreements with great professionalism and commitment, and all along they kept a keen eye for when it was appropriate to involve and inform us.

With TransportRådgiverne’s knowledge of opportunities for utilising the balances of the traffic pattern for relevant destinations, we entered into agreements which were highly beneficial to the group, and several features in our logistics flow were optimised”.

Flemming Engelbrechtsen – Group Purchase Director – Scandza AS (Bisca A/S & Synnøve Finden AS mfl.) – DK-4780 Stege

“In the spring of 2016, Vega Salmon A/S and TransportRådgiverne A/S initiated a cooperation regarding optimization of contracts and the structure of Vega’s domestic and international transportations. The aim of the project was to optimize contracts with suppliers, but also to significantly reduce the complexity of the transportation structure for Vega.

TransportRådgiverne drove the process efficiently and with a high degree of professionalism. Throughout the process, TransportRådgiverne made sure that all key employees of Vega, were involved and informed, to ensure ownership of the process was integrated. With the experience of TransportRådgiverne and the preferences of Vega we made it to the finish line with solutions benefitting both us and the suppliers. We hereby give TransportRådgiverne a big recommendation.

Michael Budtz Berthelsen – Group CEO – Vega Sea A/S – DK-6000 Kolding

“Because transportation cost is among our main strategic concerns, we brought in TransportRådgiverne A/S as consultants. With our demands and wishes in mind, they analyzed our domestic- and foreign transports and successfully ran a tender process.

Our experience through this process is that TransportRådgiverne A/S is professional, punctual and efficient. It has been a smooth process that did not demand significant resources from our side because TransportRådgiverne A/S worked very independent.”

Philip Meinertz – Managing Director – MEINERTZ A/S – DK-8660 Skanderborg

“In the spring of 2016, we made an agreement with TransportRådgiverne A/S that they should carry out an analysis of our freight concept. It has been important to us to find the right set-up which takes the quality of our deliveries throughout Scandinavia into account. TransportRådgiverne A/S quickly discovered how our transport profile could be optimized. A high level of service became the focal point, including assurance to our primary customers in Scandinavia that their requirements regarding delivery times would be met. The entire process went much faster than expected, and our new solution was implemented within two months. We were a little skeptical in terms of spending time and resources on changing a set-up which we knew was functioning well, but our fears were put to rest as the result was more than satisfactory. In addition, we experienced a not insignificant financial gain, even though we didn’t compromise on the quality of our services. We would not hesitate to recommend TransportRådgiverne A/S to other companies.”

Kim Køster – CFO – Povl Klitgaard & Co. Aps – DK-2880  Bagsværd

“Ongoing reporting from important aspects of the process and competent sparring concerning decisions, resulted in a professional approach to the project. Overall, the communication and cooperation were very pleasant. The final result was very satisfying and cost reductions at a surprisingly high level. Following the project, I have been positively “surprised” of how follow-ups, sparring and dialogue continue, and that TransportRådgiverne A/S do not consider their job done after closing the contracts.”

Mads Tarpgaard – CFO – Becksöndergaard ApS – DK-2100 København Ø


“When it came to negotiations of new logistic contracts, we used TransportRådgiverne A/S as consultants. They helped us reduce our freight costs without any negative impact on the quality. The whole process was smooth and professional. We are very satisfied with having cooperated with TransportRådgiverne.”

Torgny Magnusson – Logistics Manager – Bröderna Anderssons Ind. Ekenässjön AB – SE-574 50 Ekenässjön

“In cooperation with TransportRådgiverne A/S, Antpac Production AB has completed a purchase of transport services in the winter of 2016/17.

Initially, we were in doubt as to whether the preconditions for getting the quality we wanted were present, and how this should be handled in the reviews. The process was very smooth for Antpac, and TransportRådgiverne took excellent care of the necessary collection of information from existing suppliers.

The purchase led to annual savings in transport costs of more than 20%.

We were very pleased with the purchase and the assistance we got from TransportRådgiverne at the start of the cooperation with new freight forwarders, and we highly recommend their services.”

Jan Venneman – CEO – Antpac Production AB – SE-232 35 Arlöv

“At Sjöbergs Workbenches AB we felt it was time to take a closer look at the distribution part of our business, because we had not made a walk-through of our freight contracts for a while.

TransportRådgiverne A/S made us a visit and gave a presentation of the services they offer. Our impression was that TransportRådgiverne is a serious and skillful consultancy. Therefore, we decided they should help us optimize our freight activities. The decision made us achieve an advantageous contract, cost savings on our freight, and furthermore, we saved a lot of time and were able to spend it on our customers instead”.

Jan Möllefors – CEO – Sjöbergs Workbenches AB – SE-570 02 Stockaryd


“Esti Chem A/S has export groupage to a wide range of countries in Europe. In 2016, we ran a tender project with TransportRådgiverne A/S. The objective was to achieve a reduction in transportation costs and the number of suppliers. The process was well structured, communication with TransportRådgiverne was good, and the project was finished as scheduled. Subsequently, TransportRådgiverne has followed up by checking actual vs. forecasted cost reductions. Both objectives were achieved, and we are very satisfied with the professional approach throughout the project.”

Thomas Mathiesen – CEO – Esti Chem A/S – DK-4621 Gadstrup


“In a small size organization as ours, where freight is something you do on the side, it was perfect with an analysis performed by TransportRådgiverne A/S. We got a thorough analysis of our existing solutions, which laid the ground for a strong negotiation position, ultimately resulting in a significant cost reduction on our freight. The project was professional and the time schedule was good. The work load on our end was limited to a few hours.”

Mattias Einarsson – Logistics Manager – Nydala Trävaru AB – SE-570 03 Vrigstad

  “In Scandinavia, Xella has been extremely satisfied with the completion of a concrete project in Norway together with TransportRådgiverne A/S. From the beginning, the project was treated with the utmost seriousness and professionalism, and TransportRådgiverne was extremely valuable, especially because many different optimization possibilities were discussed and implemented. The next time we are confronted with a transport or logistics challenge for which we need assistance, we will contact TransportRådgiverne.”

Casper Rasmussen – CFO Scandinavia – Xella Danmark A/S – DK-8723 Løsning

“Fitness & Healthcare Group has experienced significant revenue growth recent years. As a result, total freight costs also reached significant levels. Therefore, we thought the time was right to partner up with TransportRådgiverne A/S and optimize our logistic contracts. We are busy working on everyday tasks and taking care of the core business, so we appreciate the counseling and division of the work load during the tender process etc. We are satisfied with the negotiated contracts and the costs saving that was successfully realized. We will gladly recommend other companies to initiate a dialogue with TransportRådgiverne to improve the freight and logistics.”

Michael Bøgh Larsen – Director/Group CEO – Fitness & Healthcare Group A/S – DK-2750 Ballerup

“As a Sourcing Manager responsible for negotiating the logistics of 7-8 individual companies distributed across several European countries, I do not have the resources to negotiate terms and analyze major tender bids. Due to the lack of resources, we had 30 local carriers in our supplier portfolio. Today we have 5. We chose TransportRådgiverne A/S as business partner for this process.

We would like to emphasize the following top five benefits from the collaboration with TransportRådgiverne:
Savings – both on the bottom line and in internal resources
Higher quality goals and better service descriptions
Negotiations at an executive level
5 central service providers instead of 30 local providers
Contracts with quality goals

Furthermore, TransportRådgiverne vouch for the forecasted saving, and that they also occur in practice. It clearly shows on the bottom line and has certainly increased the competitiveness of SP Group.”

Poul Erik Hansen – Sourcing Manager – SP Group A/S – DK-5471 Søndersø